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About Us

     Qingdao Kirke Fluid Control System Co., Ltd. is a professional automation technology service company integrating scientific research, development, design and integration. For many years, we have been committed to the research, development, application and promotion of beer production equipment automation. The employees of the company are professional technicians engaged in the beer industry. They are always at the forefront of technological development, constantly introducing new and improving the accuracy and stability of the system. . Relying on technology and concept-oriented, Kirk has become a leader in the beer brewing industry.
In response to the needs of the brewery's high-concentration brewing technology, the company has developed the KGB series of deoxygenated water preparation systems and mixed liquor systems that are leading the industry, and are widely used in beer, food and beverage, and fluorine chemical industries.
In recent years, in response to the development of network information technology, the remote maintenance client has been added, and the problems existing at the customer site have been solved more conveniently and quickly.
     With the improvement of people's quality of life, craft beer has quietly entered our life. Combining years of beer production experience, the company has developed instant products such as instant sterilization equipment and multi-functional aseptic filling equipment. We provide personalized beer. Customized, whole plant planning. We are oriented to large, medium and small beer companies, adhering to the principles of advanced, optimized, efficient and practical, to provide users with satisfactory products and services.
     The company has established long-term good cooperative relations with world-renowned equipment suppliers for many years. It is dozens of SIEMENS, SAMSON, KROHNE, GEA, Alfalaval, ProMinent, E+H, APV, METTEROLEDO, HACH, ANTONPARR, DANFOSS, etc. Long-term OEM customers of well-known companies. This ensures the product quality and equipment availability of Kirk and guarantees the supply of spare parts for the user.
    ——Advanced technology, affordable price and perfect service are the most prominent features of Kirg.
    ——Colke is the beginning of brewing wine. Our engineering experience and superb expertise will make you convinced that you are working with a very serious partner.