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Beer equipment
CIP Plant

 CIP cleaning of process plants,filling systems and tanks 

Individual design and engineering

 Minimized chemical consumptions 

 Minimized energy consumption

Internal CIP cleaning (CIP in CIP)

Easy operation,low maintenance effort,long service life

Fully automation operation with standard PLC and touch panel

Optional integration in process control system and remote maintenance

 Individually dimensioned and designed for each specific application

Equipment and components according to customer specification

    The CIP plant cleans hot or cold by using various cleaning detergents and accessories,process plants,tanks and filling systems.The CIP plant has to remove mineral and biological residues,any other dirt and germs and finally disinfect and sterilize the plant components.

    CIP cleaning is well established in the brewing,beverage,food and chemical industry as well as in bio technology,anywhere where fully automatic and reliable cleaning and disinfection is required.

    The CIP plants are designed,dimensioned and engineered in close dialogue with the customer and adapted to his specific needs for providing a safe and economic CIP cleaning.

Technical Description

    The CIP plants are designed and equipped with tanks for storage of cleaning agents or designed for lost CIP with one or more cleaning circuits,depending on the cleaning task.Diffent cleaning circuits and programs can be stored with their specific parameters and run fully automatically.Flow velocities are optimally adapted to each cleaning task and the system dimensions.

    Conductivity,temperature and flow of each CIP circuit are measured and controlled.

    The mixing of different cleaning agents or the contamination of fresh water or product by any cleaning agents is prevented by optimized process technology.

    The unit can be controlled by a local PLC with a touch panel or by a process control system.

    Designed for high hygienic standards,all common cleaning agents in the beverage and chemicalpharmaceutical industry can be used for CIP cleaning.The CIP plant can be equipped with an internal cleaning program and respective piping. 

Technical Specification


10 to 300m3/h

Heating media

steam or hot water

Number of CIP tanks


Volume of CIP tanks

up to 40m3